PALSS was formed in 1985 to help South Carolinians fight the war against AIDS. We offer FREE services to people who have been diagnosed with or at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, and we also work with their loved ones.

In 1985, PALSS was the first organization in the state to help South Carolinians fight the war against AIDS. Since its founding, PALSS has worked tirelessly to support people diagnosed with or at risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and infections. PALSS provides FREE services, including testing, education, case management, transportation, food access, and clinical services, for those who need them.

For more than 35 years, PALSS has been a beacon of light and help to community members in Columbia and surrounding areas. Until the epidemic ends, PALSS will continue to do the very important work we have engaged in since the very beginning.

If someone you know or love is living with HIV/AIDS, in some ways, you are too.  Friends, family members, and loved ones can learn how best to help those who are living with HIV/AIDS. At PALSS, we can help you to learn how to provide care and how to offer emotional support. We can also help you with your own emotions, because knowing someone who has been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS will change your life too.

Our Legacy is Life, Health, and Hope. Our legacy is You.

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