Building a Successful Team

After several years of volunteering and providing contract services, CTRS is pleased to announce the hiring of Darrell Arthur and Shirley Graham. Both have volunteered and providing contract services at PALSS for several years.  I was introduced to Darrell back in 2005 as facilitator of the EMPACT Project.  During the group Darrell impressed me with his extensive knowledge of HIV/AIDS, group leadership and powerful presentation of the spoken word.  With his natural leadership skills he began assisting with facilitation of the group.  Several years passed where I lost contact with Darrell until January 2013 when Darrell walked in PALSS door and said “I’m ready Dean”.  During the first four months of 2013 he registered and successfully completed all requirements to become a CTRS specialist. Darrell volunteered countless hours. We were pleased to make him an official part of our team in December 2013.

Over the first nine months of 2014 Darrell has continued his growth with the agency, obtaining additional specialized training in ARTAS,  and has been instrumental in maintaining the reporting of clients’ STI results. He continues to show the dedication toward the mission of PALSS.

Shirley Graham joined the PALSS team as a contractor with the WISE Women empowerment group.  She was one of the lead facilitators of the group along and provided CTRS to the women recruited during outreach activities.  Shirley brings extensive training in various DHEC programs.  Over the past few years she has supported several agency initiatives and special programs including World AIDS Day.  During her transition from a WISE to a CTRS contractor she has attended several national conferences and retreats and is very aggressive in networking and obtaining new information.

Nike Jackson may be a new hire but she is not a stranger to the PALSS team having started her internship with our organization in 2102 during her senior year at Benedict College.  After being placed in the CTRS/EMPACT program Nike showed that she was very interested in testing and men’s health.  In the spring semester she completed all requirements to facilitate CTRS.  Also during that time she played an important role in group facilitation with incarcerated men with the EMPACT Project.  She was part of a team of interns that conducted a question and answer session with the inmates which opened her eyes to a population that she had not been exposed to.  Upon graduating Nike was offered a position at Care Team in Myrtle Beach SC in case management and CTRS.  Her internship at PALSS prepared her to able to be able to take advantage of that opportunity. After reaching out about employment opportunities in Columbia she submitted her resume for the Linkage to Care position vacancy and became the successful candidate.

We officially welcome Darrell, Shirley and Nike to the team as PALSS employees and wish all of you great success.

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